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Thread: Upgrade NSF 5106 to R65

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    Default Upgrade NSF 5106 to R65

    I went to some trouble on upgrading my Alteon 5106 to 2.3.8 R65. I tried to install from CD with no success, I mean, I couldn't establish SIC with management in a distributed environment. I then tried to install 2.3.8 R60 and establish SIC with success but then I couldn't upgrade to 2.3.8 R65. I have also tried with versions 2.3.7 and 2.3.5 and I finally resolve my problem instaling 2.3.3 R60 from CD establish SIC and then upgrade to 2.3.8 R65.

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    Default Re: Upgrade NSF 5106 to R65

    Hi Armando,

    I think officially 5106 & 5109 doesn't support NGX R65. It only supports till NGX R62, please check the release notes. Only 5111 and above supports NGX R65.


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