Hi All,

We have big problems of instability in our current firewall platform (not the theme of this issue), so we´ve bought new servers and checkpoint licences. And NEED to migrate to this new platform, but we´re having problems.

Define the Issue:
We´ve bought SUN servers and installed Solaris 10 operating system.

Now begins the problem: when installing Firewall VPN1, it appeared the folowing message "failed to find reset command".

We've restarted the OS and after that we run cpconfig to continue installation. Everything seemed do be normal, but in next boot the machine simply stoped after the folowing message "vpn-1: driver installed".

If we reboot again, them behavior is the same.

Operating System: Solaris 10
Machine: SunFire T2000
Product version: R65

not networked yet

What should We do??