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Thread: Provider R61 to R65 - CMA version issue

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    Default Provider R61 to R65 - CMA version issue

    Recently upgraded a HA P1 environment from R61 hfa 01 to R65 hfa 02 on solaris 9.
    Environment includes Primary MDS, backup MDS, and MLM server.
    All happily upgraded and show the correct version when running FW ver.
    Everything is working fine, except when i sync databases from a CMA smartdashboard.
    It states that the backup server, and log server are different versions..
    Looking at the object details, they still say R61, however this is greyed out and i can't modify this..
    Any ideas on how to change this ?


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    Default Re: Provider R61 to R65 - CMA version issue

    It's ok, found the answer to my question..

    # To update all CMAs/CLMs objects located on all Multi-Domain Servers/MLMs, run the command:

    $MDSDIR/scripts/mds_fix_cmas_clms_version -c ALL"

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