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Thread: Manual NAT and IP Pool NAT

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    Default Manual NAT and IP Pool NAT

    I have a client had some issue with these NAT. NGX 6.5. Here is the nat rule: manual nat: source: --> source: original/Destionation: IP Pool NAT is When traffic coming from VPN tunnel, and the source and destionation is, I would like the checkpoint to NAT it to But I checked the log and it showed that the source was natted to one of the IP pool NAT, and destionation nat was working. (It is natted to Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Manual NAT and IP Pool NAT

    hrrm. Nat rules read top down and stops when it hits a match. IP Pool nat is used before manual nat rules so it will never read your rule. This will be evident if you turn on the NAT Rule # in Tracker. I know there is a way to change that behavior. I will let you know as soon as I track it down.

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