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Thread: Error when getting Gateway Data with SmartUpdate

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    Default Error when getting Gateway Data with SmartUpdate


    At this moment we are upgrading two CheckPoints to NGXR65 on two Nokia IP350 platforms. After upgrading all the software, we have established the trust and forced the policies on them.

    Everything has worked fine.

    Our next step was to attach the license via SmartUpdate. We have managed to install these licences without any problem. However, when trying to update the gateway data, with the 'Get Gateway Data..." we got the following error: "Unable to connect. Make sure that: the network connection is up, trust is established, and cprid connectios are allowed"

    We have doublechecked that (there is network connectivity, the trust is established and the cprid is allowed) but it still does not work.

    Any clue?

    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: Error when getting Gateway Data with SmartUpdate

    Got the same problem under R65. Just upgraded to R70 and having bigger problem. including this. Getting a error in the messages file about fw_runfilter_ex.....is_version_at_least . get the seam error if it try a push the policy a second time after SIC initialized

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    Default Re: Error when getting Gateway Data with SmartUpdate

    This can be a broken symbolic link,

    A symbolic link pointing at $CPDIR was not created properly. (why this happens I have no idea)
    possible solution.

    1. Run a SmartUpdate debug on Management server by setting environment variable SU_DEBUG_LEVEL=105 It will log to su.elg in /var/suroot/log/

    If the debug complains about not being able to find $CPDIR on the Security Gateway, then the problem is that a symbolic link was not created properly.

    2. Go to /opt/CPshared and create the missing symbolic link called "5.0" and point it to the actual $CPDIR directory of the machine.

    I believe the "machine" is referring to the device you are attempting to "get data from" and the symbolic link to that device is broken and you would need to create one.

    Look at the su.elg file, you should be able to see where it failed.

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    Default Re: Error when getting Gateway Data with SmartUpdate

    I know what the problem is now. i have a script that dose a cpstop and cpstart over night to enable a "export" to happen without any errors.

    SUROOT not defined correctly thus causes the error. added into the script and also into a temp /etc/profile.d file but still i get the error. maybe i need to export it. i also have a problem adding packages into the repositiry. looks like it the same issus. i have not got a varable defined correctly.

    Anyone have a list of scripts/profile that i need to run to define all the CP variables? maybe i try running as my cpstart under the os logon ID i created when i installed splat.

    using "expert" to cpstop and cpstart works ok.
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    Default Re: Error when getting Gateway Data with SmartUpdate

    Please disable IPS.

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