Hi, Im installing CP standalone NGX R65(also tried R60 with the same problem) and it installs succesfully but when we reboot the machine after installation we got the error.

configuring IPv4 interfaces:FW-1: i/f ce0 (ce0) is not found in table (SIOCSLIFNETMASK 8078697e)
Warning: this interface is not monitored by FireWall-1
FW-1 IP: FW-1 has a problem registering an interface configuration
command (8078697e) - blocked.

And the system gets blocked and doesnt start, the only way to get it up is by booting on the Solaris cd and unconfiguring all interfaces.

This problems happened to all in 3 diferent machines (all with Solaris 9) installing Gateway on 2 of them and standalone in the other one.

Anyone knows what is this about?