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Thread: Dropping interfaces after patching

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    Default Dropping interfaces after patching


    Has anyone had problems after applying the latest round of Solaris 10 patches(09May08). We applied patches up to kernel patch 127127-11 and all of a sudden our firewalls are dropping interfaces. First the system info Solaris 10, NGX R65, ClusterXL, Load Sharing, Multicast with ce interfaces. On several of our clusters one of the interfaces will suddenly go stupid. Performing a tcpdump all I see is the firewall sending out ARP requests but the interface never shows as down if I do a "cphaprob -a if". We've tried downing and upping the interface, plumbing and unplumbing but the only thing that works is a reboot. We've had this happen on several of our clusters so I know it's not just one machine, I can't believe we've had this many NICs go bad at one time so I have to go back to the fact that it all started after we patched last week.


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    Default Re: Dropping interfaces after patching

    Not really answers, actually more questions, but...

    Any changes to the interface names?
    Have you tried a "get interfaces" on the topology page?
    Do the interfaces all show properly when you do a "cpstat fw"?

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    Default Re: Dropping interfaces after patching

    No changes to the interface names
    Yes I tried that also
    Yes they show properly

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