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Thread: Upgrading NSF 6414

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    Default Upgrading NSF 6414

    Hi Friends,

    We are having NSF 6414 in two of our datacenters and the present software version is 4.0.2(running Checkpoint R55) Nortel has informed us to upgrade the software version to the latest one but before doing that i would like to know if anybody has upgraded the software and how smooth it went. My architecture is like this and would also like to know how easily we can perform this.

    Site A:
    NSF 6414 Cluster in HA mode
    Primary Management Server

    Site B:
    NSF 6414 Cluster in HA mode
    Secondary Management Server (Providing Management high availability for site A)

    Please let me know how we can perform this.


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    Default Re: Upgrading NSF 6414

    Venkat ,

    what version are u planning to go with .

    There are 2 ways of doing it .

    1. go to /boot/software and check whether it gives you an option for hitlessupgrade if it does and the mount the CD of USB copy the software and go to hitless and activate it , come out of that menu and go to activate the new version .

    2. Other way is to take the config backup via hyperterm and issue the command /cfg/dump this will give you a config file which you can use it later on .

    Format both the boxes and past the config on one of the box and then later join the cluster , reset the sic and push the policy .

    I will suggest you to go with option 2 and thats the most safest way . it might be possible that you get stuck with option 1.

    give me a call if you still have any problem .


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