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Thread: Why Windows?

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    Default Why Windows?

    I have noticed on here that there are still a lot of people running VPN-1 on MS Windows. I just wondering why anyone would do this instead of using SecurePlatform?

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    Default Re: Why Windows?

    Some people are afraid of CLI type OS's I guess... I'm a big Windows guy myself, but even I know when to say when... Run CheckPoint on a Windows platform, no way... Especially not when there is this great free product called SPLAT...

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    Default Re: Why Windows?

    In Portugal, until SPLAT came out Windows NT was quite a popular platform for SMEs. I guess some legacy installs might still be around, but I would expect most to now be SPLAT (cheaper and better really).

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    Default Re: Why Windows?

    I know from experience in smaller companies the person installing the firewalls is ususally also the Network Admin so they already know Windows, and don't want to get involved with Linux.

    I even went to one site and because the guy was an Alteon Load Balancing consultant he installed Alteon ASF firewalls. It was way over the top for what they needed, but as he knew Alteon he ordered Alteon kit.

    These days there really has to be a good reason for not using SPLAT instead of Windows. It's not even if you have to know or learn Linux to use it.

    I can quite happilly run a Nokia or SPLAT box, but don't ask me to install a Linux Server, even after 7 years of Nokia still not comfortable with Linux/Unix, so no real reason can't use SPLAT these days.

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