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Thread: HTTP traffic from Checkpoint to Netscreens

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    Default HTTP traffic from Checkpoint to Netscreens

    Hi all,

    Does anybody have any suggestions on a little problem I have?

    I am running NGAI R55 with HFA_04 for IPSO 3.8. and have several Netscreen 5GT's with VPN tunnels. I have a rule in the CP rule base which allows encrypted traffic and rejects un-encrypted traffic. In the CP community I have excluded the HTTP service from encryption as I was unable to log into the Netscreen over HTTP to manage them (get the following messages)
    (CP error)
    encryption fail reason: Packet is dropped because there is no valid SA - please refer to solution sk19423 in SecureKnowledge Database for more information
    (Netscreen Error)
    Rejected an IKE packet on untrust because the peer sent a proxy ID that did not match the one in the SA config
    This was all working fine but now I have some pc audit software which reports back to a server behind CP over HTTP and hence drops the packets as they are not encrypted.

    Any suggestions would be welcome, Thanks

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    Default Re: HTTP traffic from Checkpoint to Netscreens


    Can you exclude HTTP Traffic in VPN at Juniper Side also , please anyboday can correct me if i was wrong ...this is my first replay

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