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Tim Hall has done it yet again - That's right, the 3rd edition is here!
You can read his announcement post here.
It's a massive upgrade focusing on current versions, and well worth checking out. -E


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Thread: Connectra Security HF7

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    Default Connectra Security HF7

    On May 5th, 2007 SquirrelMail Cross-Site Scripting and Request Forgery Vulnerabilities CVE-2007-1262 were published.
    Connectra uses SquirrelMail for the WebMail feature and is vulnerable. Connectra Security HotFix 7 resolves this issue.
    Severity of this vulnerability is moderate. Check Point is not aware of any customers impacted by this issue, or of any attempts to exploit the issue.
    This Security HF also resolves other Security issue and there for it is highly recommended for install

    This vulnerability is relevant to the following versions:
    Connectra NGX R60
    Connectra NGX R61
    Connectra NGX R62
    Connectra NGX R62CM

    You can download and install Connectra Security HotFix 7 from Connectra HFAs. Installation instructions are included in the Release Notes.

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    Default Re: Connectra Security HF7

    After I installed the hotfix, the current version of system can't show the lastest version of hotfix I installed.
    No matter what I confirm by using console or WebUI, I got the same message.

    Anybody had same problem ?

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