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Thread: Firewall Policy not showing up

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    Default Firewall Policy not showing up

    I found out that if you have an "&" in a Section Heading in the firewall policy Smart View Portal will not display your policy, in R60 with HFA03 anyway. Anyone else had similer issues? I think the "&" also breaks things if its in the description, comments, or in a node/network object.

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    Default Re: Firewall Policy not showing up


    I found a resolution for NGX R60 in the CP's KB explaining that the Non-English characters aren't supported.
    So you have to remove all the non-English characters in the comments via Smart Dashboard and save the security policy.

    Maybe it could fix your issue.



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    Default Re: Firewall Policy not showing up

    I have the similiar issue with my R70 SPLAT . ı have little policies with few number of rules showing in the
    smarportal but the main /default /applied policy which is more than 100 rules with lots of entries in the comments section cant be viewed , it remains silent without an error. I started to clean up the non-Engilish letters at the object names, object comments and firewall rules comments by looking with my eye. But what are considered as non-English characters? Letters are easy but are there any punctions etc which will cause trouble?


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    Default Re: Firewall Policy not showing up

    My problem still continues

    Any idea?

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