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So let me ask this, what benefits does a CCIE hold for non-resellers?

What I know of is:

1. More $$ from some employers, though not as much as a few years ago.
2. A CCIE only mailing list.
A fair point, but Cisco worked a lot harder than Check Point is to get the certification recognised as the de facto standard for their products, as well as setting this as the benchmark a long time ago. Part of the reason that the value has diluted is that the benchmark has lowered over time as well.

Check Point pushed the CCSE to be their benchmark standard. I don't see job ads expecting candidates to have CCSE+, and that cert has been around for a while. For Check Point to get the CCMA up to that level (and lets remember that the mindshare, marketshare, revenue and jobs available for Check Point products is dwarfed by Cisco) they're going to need to put some sort of incentive out there. I'm still also concerned on how they're going to deliver this cert outside of the US as well. The CCIE is globally provisioned and always was. I'm hearing a commitment to do it, but nothing concrete on the details.