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Thread: CMA appears to be down, while in CLI its up

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    Default CMA appears to be down, while in CLI its up

    We use R77.30. MDS with multiple CMA in active/passive mode.
    One of domains has status "STopped" from smartdashboard. While in CLI if i do mdstat it shows up.

    So far what i've tried
    1) mdsstop/mdstart
    2) force passive domain to be acive and flip back - not possible

    Yes i know its out of support... We are going to migrate in few weeks but at this point everything is on hold due to this issue.

    Is there any artice or any advices which you would recommend?

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    Default Re: CMA appears to be down, while in CLI its up

    When the GUI disagrees with the command line (or with itself), I generally jump right to trashing the applications.C* and CPMILinksMgr.db*. They're all in $FWDIR/conf. cpstop the MDS, trash them (or move them to a backup folder or whatever), then cpstart.

    If there is no change, it might be something client-side. I would try installing SmartDashboard on a clean machine which has never been used to talk to a Check Point management before. See if that client still shows the CMA as stopped.

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