This post isn't exactly critical, and SIGRed isn't exactly new anymore (in cybersecurity time). However, I figured it may be a good way to start things off here. The only Check Point related aspect is that SIGRed was uncovered by CP<R>, but it still works in this particular forum.

After speaking with clients and colleagues the other day I was encouraged and inspired to put together an "article" about SIGRed. In my typical way, I went off in a strange direction with it, but we (with my colleagues) also felt it was vital to stress the significance and severity of this thing. I'm sharing the link here, rather than re-formatting for the forum.

Curious to know what others here think. If nothing else, maybe it'll at least be good for a laugh (or at least a smirk). Parts of it are intended more for an American audience, but most of it should be universal.

Article on LinkedIn