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Thread: Licensing Cost / Job Interview

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    Default Licensing Cost / Job Interview


    i am preparing for an job interview. To be honest my experience in checkoint is limited to the SG4800 Cluster and SC.205. I am checking now
    for a model like SG5800 and SC405. I found some hardware prices in the internet but i would like to get some information about hte license cost
    and the price for the support. I not need the exact prices just an idea where prices are aranged.

    Would be great if sombody could help.


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    Default Re: Licensing Cost / Job Interview

    To me, the single biggest selling point of Check Point's software is just that: it's software you can throw on your own server or VM. You can download the installer ISO for all the current versions from Check Point's site and set up a VM environment for free. A clean install automatically runs with all features (though no subscriptions) for 15 days using what Check Point calls the "plug-and-play license".

    I believe with a User Center account, you can also generate your own 30-day eval licenses which you can apply to anything, including the VMs in a lab. I know I have that ability, but I don't know if that's a result of my certs, my User Center account's support level, or what.

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