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Thread: Central licensing, vsec, scale sets

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    Default Central licensing, vsec, scale sets

    Hi !

    I have a CP scale set in azure, with an on prem management (r80.30). I am having the hardest time understanding how to get the central licensing working..

    I am creating EVAL lic's , putting them on my on prem management - but all i get is "No pools of vSEC licenses".

    CPSG-VSEC-AZURE-BUNxxxxx <- this is the one for ordering. But I do not have one. .. Is there an eval I can create that will enable me to lab on the 'vsec_lic_cli' tool ? ..

    And while we are at it.. any tips n tricks related to vSec License Manager ? setting up different pools, troubleshooting etc ?

    (running all my fw's in byol)

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    Default Re: Central licensing, vsec, scale sets

    EVAL Licenses have to be manually attached to VSEC gateways the same as if an Appliance or OpenServer they do not work with the vsec_central_license tool.

    You license the VSEC license to the IP of the Management Server and then make sure that is attached to the Management Server at which point will become available to the license tool.

    Only way to lab would be to build a Management Server with the IP of the Production management server. License the VSEC bundle to the IP and then install on the Lab.

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