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Thread: BGP routing in cluster

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    Default BGP routing in cluster


    For a checkpoijnt cluster, when setting up BGP (ebgp). Does anyone have some info related to where/hops the session is set up ? Is it the phyusical address of the active node in the cluster that will have an active ebgp session ? And what do happen when the cluster fails over ?

    As far as I can see/read - you should never force the cluster to use the vip as the local peer address. (not talking about router id)

    ..and while Im at it.. BGP LISP vs Check Point ? anyone ? Is that even an option in check point ?

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    Default Re: BGP routing in cluster

    peer from and to the VIP for a cluster. Make sure graceful restart is enabled. On failover BGP will do down but if i recall graceful restart keeps the routes until BGP session builds up again.

    my best guess is LISP is not supported, but i have nothing to back that up.

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    Default Re: BGP routing in cluster


    Is BGP on Gaia

    Explicitly in there

    If configuring BGP on ClusterXL / VRRP cluster, then use cluster Virtual IP addresses.

    This is also true for the Router ID


    How to configure Graceful Restart

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