Hi Team,

One of our customers has ran into some issue whereby they are doing eBGP with us.

They are using R77.3 and the bgp session gets tiered down due to graceful restart. Checkpoint is saying that we is advertising Long Lived Graceful Restart Capability. However we took packet capture and we do not see anything which is not as per RFC.

In order to resolve the issues, we had to disable the graceful restart on the our side.

They have mentioned that checkpoint device was not liking certain Flag within Graceful restart capability. Checkpoint mentioned that they have previously identified a bug related to BGP Graceful restart capability flag advertised by Juniper routers. They mentioned that have a patch(jumbo hot fix) which would help with this issue and have recommended you to upgrade the devices.

We are trying to find which hotfix was this but we havenít been able to.

Please let me know if anyone faced similar issue before.