Hello Friends,

we have checkpoint VSX gateways upgrade last week from R77.20 to R80.20 (On appliance) , Where all the things went fine during upgrade (clean installation) however when we switched the traffic (post attaching with the cluster) from R77.20 gateway to new upgraded R80.20 VSX gateway we have observed that one of the VS was not able to process the request while second was moving the traffic as expected.
Further to our checks on non processing VS we have seen traffic is hitting which say "First packet isn;t sync " and then continuously loops the connections and once the concurrent session limit (defined on the VS which is 25K) reached to the peak it's started drooping the connections with the new logs by " fwconn_memory_check Reason: full connections table" , then again we shifted the traffic to the previous gateway and things get normal.We have involved the checkpoint TAC but no luck to fix that.

so can you share your feedback on the same .

Note:- There are only two VS configured.