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Thread: Licence expiration and the impact on security

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    Default Licence expiration and the impact on security

    Good day,

    Can someone please let me know what impact on security an organisation will suffer if their licences are in the following state :

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Will URL Filtering not work at all? Are viruses being let through to the network?

    Thanks and regards.

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    Default Re: Licence expiration and the impact on security

    My understanding is URL filtering should work, but categorization won't. That is, if you try to use the category Check Point provides called "News / Media", nothing will match, as you no longer have a subscription to the categorization service. If you build your own object for cnn.com, though, that should still be matched.

    I believe Application Control works similarly. You can no longer use Check Point's definitions, and it's challenging to build your own, so it effectively stops working.

    Not sure about IPS. I think it stops both updates and protections outside the base set. That is, you can use a handful of the basic options under "IPS", but most won't have any effect.

    Anti-bot updates will stop, and I would expect enforcement to also stop.

    Same for antivirus. Updates will definitely stop, and I would expect inspection (and therefore enforcement) to also stop.

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    Default Re: Licence expiration and the impact on security

    Thank you Bob_Zimmerman, much appreciated.

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