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Thread: Numbered Interface - VTI

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    Default Numbered Interface - VTI

    I was studying Numbered interface and want to know, can the local IP and remote IP can be any IP or need to be IP address that is configured on gateways.

    What is the best practice used to configure numbered interface?

    should use public IP or the gateway object IP (if it is private IP).


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    Default Re: Numbered Interface - VTI

    When using Numbered IP VTI then only relevant locally on the box and it's VPN Peer.

    Normally people seem to use 169.254.x.x IP addresses, using consecutive IP so for instance for local and for remote

    As the 169.254.x.x/16 is not typically used on a network then won't overlap with your network

    Through the Peer defined which then picks up the actual gateway ip from the Object defined in SmartConsole so make sure that the Peer Name you give is EXACTLY the same as the Object Name for the remote gateway

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