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Thread: Smart console don't show log in correct time order

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    Default Smart console don't show log in correct time order

    Hi All,

    We have a log server. Logs when set to auto, we see logs are not coming in correct time order. The firewall are in load sharing mode (unicast).

    One logs from firewall that is sharing 70% load comes at 11:50 A.M then the logs from 30% sharing firewall comes at 11:48 A.M and shown in logs on smart console.

    Is this a correct behavior?

    Firewall version R75.40 Splat
    Management server (MDS) R80.10
    Log server (MLM) R80.10
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    Default Re: Smart console don't show log in correct time order

    The timestamp in the logs is based on a value in the log record set by the recording firewall. The order in which you see the logs is based on the absolute order of arrival.

    This means your firewalls' clocks are not synchronized.

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