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Thread: Intervlan Routing configuration on checkpoint

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    Default Intervlan Routing configuration on checkpoint


    I am facing the issue that I have created 2 VLANS(20,30) on the switch and I trunk the switch port and connected to the checkpoint @ eth1 port on which i created two subinterfaces i.e eth1.20,eth1.30 and assigned the ips on them(vlan20- and for Vlan30- and i allowed everything in the policy on checkpoint.

    But I am unable to ping the gateway from the end PC's and I did not get any traffic on the view tracker, There is anything else configuration I need to do on the checkpoint end ?, because when I created the subinterfaces on the router and connect the router to the same switch trunk port everything works fine.

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    Default Re: Intervlan Routing configuration on checkpoint

    Have you added the interfaces to the firewall object's Topology table in SmartDashboard (pre-R80) or SmartConsole (R80+)?

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    Default Re: Intervlan Routing configuration on checkpoint

    When you do a tcpdump on the eth1.20 or eth1.30 sub-interfaces do you see the traffic arriving.

    I am presuming here that defined the interfaces in Gaia OS, then updated the Topology with those Interfaces in the Check Point object representing the Gateway.

    Also that the rules permitting the Ping is actually above the Stealth Rule blocking traffic to the Gateway itself.

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