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Thread: R80 and R77 difference

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    Default R80 and R77 difference

    what's the difference in R80 and R77 ?

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    Default Re: R80 and R77 difference

    Look at the Check Point docs & Release Notes, e.g. the "What's New in R80" sections in SK.

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    Some Interesting Features of R80

    With a complete rewrite of the code, R80 offers some new features to make firewall administration a smoother experience than before.

    Unified Policy an improvement on R77 and previous versions, this offers a single policy for network, users, data, and applications.

    Layered Policy A blade can have its own set of policies. You can have a Network policy, and an Application policy. They appear as two ordered policies.

    Collaboration Multiple users can be logged in simultaneously to the SmartConsole, and each work in their own sessions. Sessions can then be published for all other admins to view, before be installed.

    Integration In addition to the command line interface, you can create and run API scripts to manage configuration and operations on the Security Management Server to automate tasks. Creating address objects from the CLI becomes simple.

    Consolidation Security management and reporting from one console allows for a simpler, focused effort at keeping your network secure.

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