Hello there,

I am trying to create a custom traffic view in SmartView Monitor which will be reporting back to me the interface Utilization.
However, I cannot accomplish my task since the following error occurs as the screenshot depicts.
Can anyone tell me where do I have to go in SmartConsole for R80.10/ SmartDashboard for R77.30 in order to denote the interface Rate ?

Click image for larger version. 

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Another question I have with regard to interface monitoring is the following:
I want to be aware to monitor/probe the external interface of the firewall, but from the inside in order to resolve any connectivity issues.
For example I want to ping in order to Check whether the external interface went down or not.
Is this possible via Gui ? I know that I can make a shell script and cron it and things like that..I am not interested in this solution.

Thanks in advance