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Thread: Installing R77.30_T204

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    Default Installing R77.30_T204


    I am new around to Check Point and am trying to install the Check_Point_R77.30_T204_Install_and_Upgrade.tgz package to a 5600 that has now running R77.30 build 001

    For some reason after I installed that package, it broke show asset all and show sysenv in that there are no displays for the later and only CPU frequency and platform is show for the former

    Any ideas what is causing this ?



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    Default Re: Installing R77.30_T204

    The T204 package is old and not suitable anymore to be installed on any device, one of the reasons being that it still uses a cert that will be generated in the future past the Epoch date, therefore is not valid.
    you better revert to the old factory image on the 5600 as far as I know it does not support the 5000 series.
    Regards, Maarten.
    Triple MDS on R77.30, MDS on R80.10, VSX, GAIA.

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    Default Re: Installing R77.30_T204


    Is where the New Installation / Upgrade Wizard takes through too.

    Just personally had too many strange issues with the image that shipped on units in the past. Sure it is probably fixed now but old habits die hard and tend to just use the wizard and do a clean build with what the image says to use.

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