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Thread: Authentication problem using certificate

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    Default Authentication problem using certificate

    Hi to all,
    I'm trying to connect with Capsule on Android using a certificate, but the application gave me this error "failed to connect:Internal error [CCC_E_GENERAL].
    The connection works using username and password.
    Same problem with Capsule and Windows 10.
    Looking log details, the error is the following "Deauthorize" "Certificate authentication is not enabled on the gateway object under the blade's authentication settings".
    Under R80.20 Smart Dashboard/Gateway Cluster Properties/Mobile Access/Authentication, the authentication method is "Username and password" but on multiple authentication client settings are selected Personal Certificate and Username Password (Allow older clients and Use Global settings are both checked).
    On the global properties, under Remote Access/SecureClient Mobile/User authentication settings/authentication method is "certificate".
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Authentication problem using certificate

    Under R80.20 Smart Dashboard/Gateway Cluster Properties/Mobile Access/Authentication and Gateway Cluster Properties/VPN clients/Authentication set on "defined on user records".
    Enroll a new certificate for user and Capsule works like a charm on android and Windows 10.
    Problem solved.

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