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Thread: Can we login to Postgresql of R80.10?

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    Default Can we login to Postgresql of R80.10?

    Hi Team,

    Is it possible to login or access the postgresql database on R80.10 Smart Event?
    What it the default username and password?

    Blason R

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    Default Re: Can we login to Postgresql of R80.10?

    Can you? I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to make a pgsql user and change some stuff up.

    Should you? Thats another question.

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    Default Re: Can we login to Postgresql of R80.10?

    It is not advised to log directly into the underlying data.

    1. it is not audited
    2. it is unsafe and can cause side effects regarding the persistence of the data
    3. check point does not guarantee its data structure there remains throughout versions

    Which is why we encourage access through Management API. It also keeps the same syntax with various versions.

    I know that prior to R80 there were various .C text files that could be accessed directly, however, the data validation engines that were added to R80 may not tolerate data inconsistencies anymore.

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