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Thread: How does "Fetch Policy" work on small appliances centrally managed in r80.10

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    Default How does "Fetch Policy" work on small appliances centrally managed in r80.10

    We have about 100 CP1100 and 1430 gateways being managed in R80.10. Each one is set to "fetch" policy every two hours. I have recently made changes and noticed they are not actually getting the changes, I was wondering if this has changed from 77.30?


    I made a change to a firewall policy to block all traffic from a particular desktop last week as a test. I saved the policy but did not specifically push it to the firewall. The PC traffic was not blocked even after a week, when I finally pushed it to the checkpoint itself. The 1430 never "fetched" the new policy.

    In another instance, I added a workstation to a group object. The group has access to ping the remote checkpoints and their modems. I published the change and installed the main policy (not the policy on the remote locations), and again, the change was not effective.

    Is it a requirement now to install the policy to all the remote locations to get a new policy on them? Is the fetch option no longer working in R80.10? I don't recall having to push policy to every gateway in r77.30 under SmartProvisioning, is that something SP did behind the scenes?

    Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: How does "Fetch Policy" work on small appliances centrally managed in r80.10

    Edges used a policy fetch system. On the SmartCenter, "pushing" policy to the Edge (or an LSM profile for a group of Edges) instead compiles it, saves it locally on the SmartCenter, then sends the Edge a signal to do an out-of-cycle policy fetch. I don't have experience with GAiA Embedded, but I suspect the boxes work similarly. If I'm right, the files the firewall fetches are updated on policy "push", not when you simply save.

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