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Thread: Saving a U-5 UTM

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    Default Saving a U-5 UTM

    I have a U-5 that is configured however I do not have the passwords associated with the setup pf the device (expert and admin). I was going to simply factory default it however went to log into usercentre to download the license and forgot the password. I just released the email domain on the login to usercentre is no longer in use so a forgot password request will not arrive to my new email.

    Is there a way to reset the password\s or reset the device without destroying the license installed on it?

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    Default Re: Saving a U-5 UTM

    IF you have the Gateway connected to a Management Server then can use this


    To reset the Admin and Expert Mode passwords over the Encrypted Communication.

    If running on SecurePlatform and no Management Connection then try


    If have another Gaia Machine then can use EmergenDisk


    To reset those passwords.

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