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Thread: Move VLAN interface between bond

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    Default Move VLAN interface between bond


    I have a R80.10 and ClusterXL, my confguration is simple 2 bond interfaces and more VLAN interface on both bond interfaces.
    I need to move/reconfigure a VLAN interface from internal bond to external bond without go out of service.
    I tried this sequence:
    - on standby node delete interface vlan from source bond, add interface vlan to destination bond, configure the same ip.
    - on smartconsole get interface with topology, I see a change of interface name, so the active node has bond1.10 while standy node has bond2.10
    - install policy
    - reconfigure switch
    - test ping between nodes on changed VLAN interface works without issues, so configuration is correct.
    The expected result is cluster continue to work so I can switch traffic, but standby node go down and don't go up. I tried cpstop and cpstart.
    cphaprob -a if on standby node don't show the moved VLAN interface.
    Which the best procedure for this simple operation? Can I temporary disable monitoring on that interface?

    Thank you for suggestions.

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    Default Re: Move VLAN interface between bond

    I have found this thread https://www.cpug.org/forums/showthre...rom-monitoring
    I don't know if is the correct way for my issue, but I wiil try.

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    Default Re: Move VLAN interface between bond

    I had a similar issue yesterday moving VLAN interfaces between bond groups and the passive security gateway in the cluster remained down. After troubleshooting for a while I found that the Cisco switch connected to both security gateways did not have some of the VLANs configured on the trunk interface to one of the bond groups. ( the "switchport trunk allowed vlan 10, 20, x, x" command in interface configuration mode on the switch.) Once I added the missing VLANs to the trunk on the switch side the passive security gateways changed from down to standby.

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