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Thread: GAIA new vlan add

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    Default GAIA new vlan add

    When adding a new vlan interface on voyager in GAIA, why need to add same thing ....or create new interface on cluster object on Dashboard-> Firewall cluster->Topology details .

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    Because Check Point solution is a Firewall Application on top of an OS.

    It isn't like ASA / Juniper / Fortinet etc where is a combined piece of single code.

    You add the interface in Gaia to tell the OS about the Interface.

    You add the interface into the Topology to the Firewall Package about the Interface.

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    Default Re: GAIA new vlan add

    It may be worth noting VSX does this differently. With VSX, you configure your management interface and any bonds locally on the box, but all of your other interfaces (including sync) are pushed down from the management server. You still have the two-step process of creating an interface, then pushing policy to get the firewall software to know about it. The two steps are simply done in one place.

    It's my understanding Check Point licenses now include the ability to run one VS. The idea is to let you separate traffic for managing the firewall from traffic passing through the firewall.

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