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Thread: Add DAIP gateways to source in a policy

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    Default Add DAIP gateways to source in a policy

    Hi all,

    I have some DAIP gateways which can't work with certificates. I need to create a policy to allow any kind of traffic in the CP device which comes from these DAIP gw. I don't know how to do that or what object configure to add it to the rule.

    These gw have dynamical IP so I can't add them as a host with a dynamic IP.

    Thanks beforehand,

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    Default Re: Add DAIP gateways to source in a policy

    Based on the fact you're talking about certificates, I'm assuming you're referring to VPN from a host with a dynamic IP.
    Check Point requires certificates to be used in this case because pre-shared secrets in a dynamic IP scenario are not considered secure.
    See: https://blog.webernetz.net/considera...red-keys-psks/

    If you're talking about unencrypted traffic, then you could potentially allow traffic from that host IF:

    1. The remote sites have a DNS entry associated with them (e.g. a Dynamic DNS)
    2. You are using R80.10, then you can use an FDQN Domain object.
    3. You are using R77.30 and earlier, you can use a dynamic object where a script periodically updates the value based on lookups to the FQDN.
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