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Thread: Finding Unused objects

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    Default Finding Unused objects

    Hi Team,

    I'm trying to find out the Unused objects on my Management server. I have found some objects through Query > Unused objects .
    Is there any way to find the objects which is used in some rule but not having hits anymore.

    For example used on the rule but it doesn't have any hits on past 6 months, also is there any way to find any rule which is not being used on last few months.

    Ram T S

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    Default Re: Finding Unused objects

    A few versions ago, Check Point added a "hit count" to rules. The firewalls have an option to send hit count data or not, and I think it is on by default in versions which support it. When you hover over the hit count column in a rule, it will tell you how many hits, when the first was, and when the most recent was. You can use that to find rules which have not been hit and remove them.

    There isn't a way to find objects which are used in rules which have no hits, but once you delete the rules, the objects will be unused and will show up in the unused objects query.

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