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Thread: Set default shell for Radius users according to Radius attribute

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    Default Set default shell for Radius users according to Radius attribute

    Is there a way to set the default shell on Gaia for a group of Radius users to /bin/bash, while another group of Radius users would get /bin/clish
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    Default Re: Set default shell for Radius users according to Radius attribute

    The way I would do this is to define local user accounts for the users who need BASH, then leave the default RADIUS shell as clish. For example, here is how my user is set up:

    add user zimmie uid 107 homedir /home/zimmie
    set user zimmie gid 0 shell /bin/bash
    add rba user zimmie roles adminRole
    All of my users have different UIDs for auditing purposes. Note that you should not specify a password.

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