Hello to All,

Spent days in attempts to make Capsule Workspace Mail work and still no luck

I installed it onto Android smartphone and created user certificate in MobileAccess blade. The system sent email with QR code to my domain user and the code was successfully was read by Capsule and everything was setup by proper way. In Capsule UI I can enter into 'Mail' section and read my corporate mail

Now the problem: Capsule Workspace doesn't get new mail and I don't see any new mail notifications although I enabled 'Push Notifications' in SmartDashboard. Moreover, I see tons of rejects by Mobile Access blade with messages below:

'Internal host certificate verification failed, probably because the certificate issuer is not trusted.'

'Error while connecting to server with user _someuser_ ErrorCode is:500'

So it seems every time when Capsule tries to check the mail Mobile Access blade rejects its requests and probably that's why there are no push notifications as well.

I don't have an idea how to fix this and what certificate the system needs (my company's certificate maybe?)