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Thread: problems with terminal Server Agent

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    Default problems with terminal Server Agent

    Hi all,

    We have IA running well using AD queries. Now we are trying to set it up for terminal Severs.

    First off, when I installed the IA agent, I connected it and firewall saw my username - all good, but then I logged out, logged back in and it did not pick up my username or anyone elses. When I went into program files, checkpoint agent I double click the IdentityAgent.exe file nothing pops up, there is no taskbar icon either. (the MAD process is running however) then I run the installer file again, it doesn't install it but it takes me straight to the setup page, it shows disconnected, so I click repair and it connects and works again for so time, however it only works for me, another user logs in and the firewall reports the shared secret is bad. I have full admin rights if I manually set it up through their login it works, how can I get it installed correctly for all users?

    Another issue we have is identity sharing, for the AD query, identity sharing works perfect. However identity sharing does not work when the username has come via identity agent, it is only present on the gateway that the IA agent is connected to - ideally I would like to have only one of the gateways running terminal servers and sharing with my other 15 gateways. Also that may cause an issue if "pdp network registered" doesn't have the terminal server network listed on the gateway running terminal severs, then trying to connect to that gateway doesn't seem to process the logins at all which makes things very difficult to administer!

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    Default Re: problems with terminal Server Agent

    Confirm if talking about installation on a Terminal Server as all Agents installed onto Terminal Server have been


    Not IdentityAgent.exe as per you information.

    Sounds as though possibly installing the Agent meant for Single User machines onto the Terminal Server and not the Multi-User Agent.

    Where did you get the Agent from

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