Ran into some issues, which stalled my progress for a while. I decided the fix was to rewrite most of the UI. Still not done with that, and still not past the issues in question, but I think I'm getting there.

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I am now using AppKit more directly rather than going through SwiftUI. With this change, I lose some nice development features, but I gain a lot of capabilities which I hope to put to good use soon. For example, I now have a toolbar at the top of the window. In this screenshot, it only has a single button which hides or shows the sidebar, but I'm working on a few other things to put there.

I really like the new "subtitle" feature added in the upcoming macOS version. To handle multiple SmartCenters, I started using a type of document which plays nicely with the database engine I'm using. This window is showing a document I named "2200", which is saved locally on my workstation. The subtitle shows the username and server it represents.

Made some big changes to how the sidebar works. Not thrilled with how it looks yet, but I am thrilled with how well it works so far. It's everything I like about old SmartDashboard's objects list and everything I like about new SmartConsole's objects list.