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Thread: General questions concerning "Smartlog" in R80.10

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    Default General questions concerning "Smartlog" in R80.10

    So Smartview Tracker is gone, Smartlog is now the standard log tool, renamed "Logs & Monitor" and SmartLogGui.exe gone as well. All fine.

    The old Smartlog was DB based. The new "Smartlog" looks like it's back using the normal, rotated firewall files, which is a major problem, if you got loads of files in a heavy rotation.
    Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm unable to specify a time range for a query i.e. for a week, when I have to manually select a logfile that get's cycled every hour.

    So my question is, can I roll back to the old DB behavior and not work on the separate logfiles?


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    Default Re: General questions concerning "Smartlog" in R80.10

    Ok, default under logs seems to be "log indexing" disabled. Enabled it. Sorry for causing an alarm

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