Looking for a way to automate lab building, especially for a CCSA lab (either R77.30 which I have CBT nuggets for, or R80).

Idea is students would log in, click a link on a page or application and the relevant lab would build and start itself using scripts run against ESXI/VMWare.

I have looked around and am aware there are PowerShell scripts, kickstarts and XML scripts but have yet to see an example I can just amend and attach to a webpage or interface to make it genuinely easy for a user to set up their own labs. I can write simple web pages to run scripts and provide course notes/questions.

Second option would be for an admin to run the setup function (might be more desirable from a resource perspective) and the user to start the VMs automatically. I would also need a click option to shut them down though. The idea here being that technicians could spin up the lab automatically, and shut down automatically for professional course materials and scenario testing.

Appreciate any assistance.

Kind regards