Requirement :- Single Sign on with Explicit proxy Ė With AD integration

Current Setup :- 2 Checkpoint Gateway 5400 , Cluster Mode :- HA active standby , MGMT -VMWARE , OS- R80.10 with Take 103 Hotfix in both GW and MGMT

Present Setup

MPLS A and MPLS B is connected with L3 Switch

Presently Users Of Company B and Company A are using internet through MPLS B

== LAN USER configured with Proxy  L3 Switch MPLS B  Internet of Company B ( Different GEO Location )
== LAN User Who wanted to use Application behind MPLS A  L3  MPLS A Application Server

In lan side user which is behind l3 Switch (some users is related to Company A and Some users are Company B ) In same lan connectivity .

We have to give internet to users A through Checkpoint we should use internet through explicit proxy and it should configured with single sign on and AD integration .

Please help us to achieve our requirement

In gateway mode we have successfully integrated checkpoint and configured internet but in proxy environment we donít have idea what method we should follow for single sign on .Click image for larger version. 

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