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Thread: Checkpoint send wrong Proxy-ID in phase 2 proposal

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    Default Checkpoint send wrong Proxy-ID in phase 2 proposal

    I deploy the VPN IPSec between Checkpoint 5400 Cluster Active/Active and Cisco ASR1000.
    The topology like that: (Int_LAN Cisco (Ext: --------- (Ext Virtual IP: CP cluster (Int Lan:

    The log in Cisco device
    May 10 04:29:25.636: IPSEC(validate_proposal_request): proposal part #1,
      (key eng. msg.) INBOUND local=, remote=,
        protocol= ESP, transform= esp-3des esp-md5-hmac  (Tunnel), 
        lifedur= 0s and 0kb, 
        spi= 0x0(0), conn_id= 0, keysize= 0, flags= 0x0
    May 10 04:29:25.636: ISAKMP-ERROR: (44079):IPSec policy invalidated proposal with error 32
    May 10 04:29:25.637: ISAKMP-ERROR: (44079):phase 2 SA policy not acceptable! (local remote
    May 10 04:29:25.637: ISAKMP: (44079):set new node 1037004474 to QM_IDLE      
    May 10 04:29:25.637: ISAKMP: (44079):Sending NOTIFY PROPOSAL_NOT_CHOSEN protocol 3
    	spi 9223511692413063920, message ID = 1037004474
    QM packet 1 (16:22:35) -  Fri May 11 2018
    ( - (
    Transport:		UDP (IPv4)
    PeerIP:			ac1e0105
    PeerPort:		500
    Peer Name:		bv-wan-p04
    ==> Sent to peer
    As the log on Cisco and CP IKEview, we saw that the CP sent wrong Proxy-ID in proposal phase 2.
    But it very strange as orther case i viewed on forum and Checkpoint Sk. The proxy-id is the external IP ???

    I think this symptom related the NAT policy, but I already unchecked the Disable NAT on VPN Community and delete all NAT rule.

    Please support to reslove this case.

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    Default Re: Checkpoint send wrong Proxy-ID in phase 2 proposal

    Do you have the "permanent tunnels" option enabled?

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