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Thread: Outlook365 traffic is getting dropped, on R80.10

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    Default Outlook365 traffic is getting dropped, on R80.10

    We have R80.10 with jumbo take 70, and we use outlook with office365.

    We added all the relevant FQDNs and IP addresses from Microsoft, but still, when trying to open new profile in outlook, we are getting blocked.

    Many block messages appear, we are not sure which is relevant.

    I can see drops of - for several addresses of microsoft - dropped by "fw_conn_post_inspect Reason: Handler 'ssl_v3_code' drop;"

    Could not find any SK on this.

    Can anyone give assistance on this?

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    Default Re: Outlook365 traffic is getting dropped, on R80.10


    maybe you should open a case. If the problem already exists.


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