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Thread: VPN SecuRemtoe disconnects

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    Default VPN SecuRemtoe disconnects

    I am trying to use SecuRemote. When I start the client the connection is made but disconnects a second later. I have been working with checkpoint support here is what they found.

    [cpu_1];[fw4_0];fw_log_drop_ex: Packet proto=17 -> (Checkpoint VIP):18234 dropped by vpn_drop_and_log Reason: Wrong peer gateway for decrypted packet (VPN Error code 01);
    -found there is an already existing S2S tunnel where the peer gateway, DelawareFW, has the as an encryption domain
    -stated the options are to either make sure that users do not come in with an IP that overlaps with any other encryption domain or to use IP Pool NAT
    -we implemented sk39327 but the issue was not resolved and it disconnected us from the management Dashboard connections

    Checkpoint told me that because my laptop had a internal IP of its was dropping connection because it already have a 192.168.43.* set in the VPN network. Does any know know a work around for this beside changing my who IP schema?

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    Default Re: VPN SecuRemtoe disconnects

    Using the same IP address space on both ends of a VPN tunnel rarely ends well.
    Office Mode would probably work around your particular issue, but that requires Endpoint VPN or Mobile Access licenses.
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