While CPLogToSyslog has been around for a while, it definitely has some limitations.
This is the official replacement for CPLogToSyslog, built on top of recent R77.30/R80.10 Jumbo Hotfixes.
It will also be the preferred way going forward for exporting Check Point logs to third parties (versus using LEA) and has the following features:
  • SIEM applications: Splunk/Arcsight/RSA/LogRhythm/QRadar/McAfee/rsyslog/ng-syslog and any other SIEM application that can run a syslog agent.
  • Protocols: syslog over TCP or UDP.
  • Formats: Syslog, CEF, LEEF, Generic.
  • Security: Mutual authentication TLS. The ability to export logs/audit or both.
  • Filter out (don't export) firewall connections logs.

More details and download here: https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com...ionid=sk122323