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Thread: Management HA/Migrate Export and SIC Mess!

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    Default Management HA/Migrate Export and SIC Mess!

    Hi all,

    I have myself in a mess.

    I had to do a clean install of R80.10 on our PRIMARY management server.

    Failed over to our secondary fine, and I did a migrate export of our secondary server.

    I did a clean install of the PRI, all fine, and also restored from backup to keep its config.

    I did a migrate import on the primary, which was successful.

    Now, everything a mess.

    Secondary is still primary, but can not sync with the primary as the SIC is showing is incorrect. It can not see it at all.
    Primary is up, and database is there but can not see secondary, and can not install policies to any of the gateways as it says the SIC being returned is incorrect? presumably because the gateways know our secondary box is currently primary, hence its rejecting a SIC from a server in 'secondary'.

    Ideally, I'm guessing the best process would be to remove the once 'primary' management object from the dashboard, set it up as a new host, establish new SIC and then connect and make its primary, no?

    Im really unsure where to go next..

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    Default Re: Management HA/Migrate Export and SIC Mess!

    What did you migrate import into the PRI.

    Reading this then is almost as if migrate imported the config from the SEC unit.

    If you have a backup of the PRI does it not contain the Check Point part as well in which case why the need for the Migrate Import.

    If you don't have a working backup of the PRI that contains the Check Point Config then you will need to promote the Secondary SmartCentre to become Primary.

    If on R80.10 currently then the process is

    Recovery By Creating a New Primary Server
    1.Change the Secondary management server from Standby to Active.
    2.Install a new Primary server with the same IP address and hostname as the original Primary server.
    3.Synchronize the new Primary server with your Active server.
    (Create the active server as an object in the new primary, establish SIC and synchronize the databases).

    4.Change the new Primary server to Active server
    The original Secondary server returns to Standby.

    5.Reassign licenses

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