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Thread: Snort Rules Does not work over HTTPS

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    Default Snort Rules Does not work over HTTPS

    Hello guys!

    I am new here. I am searching for any article or explanation to know how to configure Snort rules to analyse HTTPS traffic. I created a rule and it is working over a HTTP simple connection but when the connection is using SSL it is not working anymore. I am already imported the certificate and its chain to Check Point. I get "Inspect" event at SmartDashboard log but the connection is not dropped. Anyone here knows anything about it?

    Thanks for advice!

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    Default Re: Snort Rules Does not work over HTTPS

    If you've configured HTTPS Inspection properly, it should just work like regular IPS.
    What version/jumbo hotfix are you at?
    Have you engaged the Check Point TAC with this?
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