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Thread: Hotfix Info - Embedded GAIA - 1100

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    Default Hotfix Info - Embedded GAIA - 1100

    Good afternoon -

    I have recently started doing some admin work on a number a CP gateways/ clusters, and as such, am essentially the proverbial noob!

    We have a number of clusters - with gateways from 1100s to 5600s to 12400's, Full GAIA, embedded GAIA, VSX, etc., all centrally managed with a cluster of 3150 management stations.

    The 1100 cluster we have is running GAIA embedded and I was wondering would be kind enough to send along the command/s to view the installed jumbo hotfix.

    I have used expert# installed_jumbo_take
    expert# cpinfo -y all
    expert# cpinfo
    expert# more $CPDIR/registry/HKLM_registry.data

    The embedded system is obviously different, and the outputs are not the same - but I am not seeing anything. *Unless the hotfix is denoted differently than the full GAIA output?


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    Default Re: Hotfix Info - Embedded GAIA - 1100

    Gaia embedded doesn’t support patches. You might get a one off binary with instructions on how to install. By far however what you will get is a new install binary. The way you can track this is with fw ver and see the build number.

    Note 1100/600 1400/700 and 1200 will have different build versions for the same software.

    Also note there are multiple versions of 77.20.60. Guessing 77.20.70 will also.

    Smartview monitor won’t show the build numbers ( hey Check point fix that! )

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