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Thread: HA Upgrades in 1490 appliances

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    Default HA Upgrades in 1490 appliances

    Hello Experts,

    Something very weird happened today with a 1490 HA pair.
    I logged in to check the code versions on the appliances and somehow kicked off an upgrade.
    Funny thing is, one appliance upgraded at 11:40am and the other appliance upgraded at 2pm. I was only logged into both appliances at 11:40am for a minute or so. The firewall that upgraded at 11:40 was the standby one. active firewall auto upgraded at 2pm.
    The version they were on was r77.20.51 when I logged in to check them. Is this something you might have seen?
    The customer has kicked off, cause the second upgrade kicked users off and they called me at 2:15pm.
    If I am not wrong, you need to download the update and then once done, manually trigger the upgrade. So even if i might have clicked on download without realising, how did it start upgrading, also, i couldn't have logged into the other firewall 2 hours later to carry out another upgrade ? or did it do that itself ?

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    Default Re: HA Upgrades in 1490 appliances

    Sure would be nice if someone knew how to run these under kvm-arm.

    So upgrades logs are stored in /logs. Id look there first. Maybe that will uncover some clues.

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